As part of Continuing Professional Development, Students at AFPGMI and the College of Nursing AFPGMI, have regularly attended various workshops. Department of Health Professions Education, NUMS in collaboration with Research & Development Department Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute (AFPGMI), Rawalpindi, conducted following workshops at AFPGMI Rawalpindi: -

One day workshop on Research Methodology for students of MSc HCA, AFPGMI on 3rd May 2023.

One day workshop on SPSS for students of MSc HCA, AFPGMI on 15th May 2023.

One day workshop on Research Methodology for students of BS (AHS) MLT, MIT, CP, AFPGMI on 23rd May 2023

Two day workshop on Sample Size and SPSS for students of MSN on 24th and 25th May 2023 at College of Nursing, AFPGMI.


One of the main advantages of a workshop on research methodology is the chance for attendees to speak with subject-matter specialists and ask them questions that can help them better grasp the subject. The workshop is an experiential learning opportunity that falls somewhere between a class and a conference. Participants can practice new skills as they learn them, making it possible to make mistakes in a low-risk setting and immediately fix them. The facilitators for the above workshops were Dr. Fozia Fatima (PhD-Education) and Dr. Nadia Shabnam (PhD-Statistics). Both faculty members of the Department of Health Professions Education. NUMS are highly professional and competent instructors. They have a strong grip on the discipline of research methodology in both quantitative and qualitative domains.


At the conclusion of the workshops, Brigadier Tashfeen Bin Nazeer (Director of Training, AFPGMI) gave certificates and shields to both facilitators and expressed his gratitude for their participation and candor.