The world is currently facing problems that can threaten the global wealth and stability. The majority of these problems are linked with the menace of prevailing corruption. The International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) in 2022 aimed to emphasize the critical link between anti-corruption and unity, stability, and progression of a nation. Combating this menace is everyone's responsibility, and only by working together and involving people from all strata of society we can overcome the adverse impact of this crime. Nations, public officials, civil servants, law enforcement personnel, media professionals, the corporate sector, non - governmental organizations, academia, the community at large, and youth should all be involved in this.


The 2022 IACD also marked the beginning of efforts to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). If the objectives highlighted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are to be realized, then eradication of corruption, increase in truthfulness and strengthening of institutions are imperative.


Keeping this in mind, an International Anti-corruption day was observed in NUMS PWD Campus on December 15, 2022, under the guidance of Dr. Shumaila Naz (Assistant Professor, DBS), Dr. Sumra Wajid Abbasi (Assistant Professor, DBS), Ms. Salma Naz Khattak (Lecturer DSBS), Conveners of NUMS Art and Media Society, Drama Club, and Debating Club respectively.


 Students from the entire NUMS campus took part in the event and also presented videos on anti-corruption and its prevention.  Generally, the students manifested deep awareness on anti-corruption and out of the videos presented, three winners were chosen.


Later on, students from NUMS and Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute(AFPGMI) engaged in constructive debates on the topics of "Discriminated Education is the reason for Corruption" and "Corruption is the sole cause of country's downfall". Skits were also performed by youngsters, underlining the harms of corrupt practices in the society at large. They also illustrated digital and hand-made banners that called for attention to the growing problem of corruption.


Air Cdre Mohammad Ismail (Retd), Director Quality Assurance, was the chief guest on the occasion. He praised the students' great potential and talent displayed during the event. He appreciated the efforts and dedication of the members of the NUMS Art and Media Society, Drama Club, and Debating Club in organizing the event.


Students received certificates for their efforts and display of creativity. Finally, an awareness walk marked the conclusion of the event.