The 75th Anniversary of World Health Organization (WHO) is a significant breakthrough in the organization's history. Established on April 7, 1948, the WHO has played a pivotal role in global Public Health, promoting well-being and protecting humans. Over the years, it has spearheaded countless initiatives, from eradicating diseases like smallpox to addressing pressing health challenges such as pandemics, access to healthcare, and health equity. As the WHO celebrates its 75th Anniversary, it serves as a reminder of the combined efforts needed to wrestle global health and ensuring a healthier future for all.


The NUMS Public Health Department in a well-organized Health Fair  on theme "From Health as a Fundamental Right to Vitality for Sustainability – A Journey of 75 Years,” commemorated the 75th Anniversary of WHO on 10 October 2023 at National University of Medical Sciences PWD Campus.


The event was divided into two major parts and was moderated by Noor ul Ain and Iffa Zahid (BSPH-Batch I). Part one commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran, for which Hafiz Maaz Abdullah (BSPH Batch II) was invited followed by National Anthem. A presentation elucidating WHO's journey from 1945 till present was delivered by Fizza Javed (BSPH-Batch I). This was followed by a video presentation, which was an acknowledgment of Department of Public Health efforts, including highlights of various seminars, events, and campaigns. A Role-play on “Environmental Sustainability, a thought-provoking representation of climate change concerns presented by students(BSPH all batches) was beautifully displayed.


The distinguished Chief Guest at this Health Fair was esteemed Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan, serving as the Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Health Services Academy, Islamabad. He delivered a highly comprehensive and informative address, enlightening the audience with his profound knowledge and expertise.


 Prof. Dr. Uzma Hassan (HoD Public Health), expressed her gratitude to the guest speaker and honorable guests (Dean MDS, Dean SSH ,Directors and Head of Departments)  for taking out their precious time to grace the event and sharing the valuable information.


Major General Farrukh Saeed HI (M) (Retd), (Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academic NUMS) , was graciously invited to  deliver the  concluding remarks and presented the souvenir to esteemed Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan


In transition to the second part of the event, all attendees were invited to explore the exhibition, expressing their acknowledgment for the dedication and efforts demonstrated by students from various societies and academic batches of all discipline and departments. This part encompassed an enlightening and honorable acknowledgement of health exhibition with booths on different Public Health related topics etc. at campus compound. Awards were given to top three stalls based on relevance, engagement, creativity, and design by Honorable Professor Dr Shahzad Ali Khan.

  • 1st position : GYM Go Green
  • 2nd position:  Arts and Media Society
  • 3rd position  : Debating Society

The event concluded with expressions of gratitude and acknowledgment from the event organizers and honored guests. At the end, HoD appreciated the Digital Technologies Directorate, Administration Directorate, Public Affairs Directorate and Department of Student Affairs for providing conducive environment facilitating the successful conduction of this session.