A Community Work Project Anniversary of “Daring Not Deprived “was celebrated by NUMS Civic Society in Collaboration of NUMS Department of Psychology. Since 2020, Ms. Saira Javed (Lecturer Clinical Psychology, NDP/ Incharge Psychologist, N-TRC/ Convener Civic Society) has designed and directed a program for the inclusivity of differently abled person in collaboration of the CEO of Saaya Association of Disabled People Islamabad.


The "DND" event was held to recognize the contributions made by the students of the Department of Psychology who are also a part of NUMS Civic Society in highlighting the emerging challenges faced by differently abled individuals and helping them out. It adhered to the SDG 3 for “good health and wellbeing”, SDG 4 “quality education, SDG 8 “decent employment, and economic growth” as well as SDG 17 "Partnerships for the Goals”.


DND Journey has been presented by Students from the Department of Psychology. The project representatives from NUMS Civic Society from the Department of Public Health (Public Health Social Worker), Department of Psychology (Mental Health Social Worker) and Department of Allied Health Sciences (Medical Health Social Worker) had presented future plans.


The Chief Guest Mr. Asim Zafar (CEO Saaaya Association) highly acknowledged theefforts of NUMS faculty and students in highlighting the needs of the differently abled individuals and eradicating associated stigma and taboo faced by them. He further shared his personal experiences and elaborated the vision mission of Saaya Association to motivate new members of NUMS Civic Society.


Where, Mr. Zafar specifically discussed the sufferings of polio patients, how his has made it possible for people with different impairments to access opportunities where they can reach their full potential and has carried out several wheelchair distributions ceremonies and training sessions for the general public, differently abled people and their families. Lastly, he expressed his gratitude to NUMS for providing a ramp facility for wheelchair individuals.


The take home message of the event was that we are all unique in our own capacities, and the only gap between the person and his goal is his willingness to learn. At the end, a cake cutting ceremony took place, appreciation certificates from CEO Saaya association were distributed among Daring Not Deprived team members and a NUMS souvenir was presented to the Chief.