NUMS motivates their students to produce high quality efforts, learn more deeply and perform better in class. University provides monetary reward for exceptional work performance to foster learning environment, build positive relationships and encourage higher quality outputs. Prizes are awarded to inspire a healthy sense of competition among the students. Financial incentives can be an extremely beneficial motivator for the students. NUMS Department of Public Health organized a Prize distribution ceremony at National University of Medical Sciences, PWD campus on 3rd November 2022 at 1130 Hrs.

This ceremony was organized to acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional and outstanding academic performance of students. Cash prizes were distributed among the position holders of BSPH Batch I, II and III students who secured top three positions in different semesters of BSPH with the cash prize of 15k, 10k, and 5k to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders respectively. This monetary incentive will improve student achievement through an enhancement of student’s motivation and will lead to greater learning and better performance.

The Head of Department of Public Health Prof Dr Uzma Hassan distributed the open merit scholarship prizes to following students;

Batch 1: Semester v

1.  Iffa Zahid                                        1st Position                                         Rs. 15,000/-

2.  Saleha Ahmed                               2nd Position                                         Rs. 10,000/-

3.  Noor ul Ain Shah                           3rd Position                                         Rs. 5,000/-

Batch II: Semester III

1.  Fatima saleem                                  1st Position                                        Rs. 15,000/-

2.  Noor Fatima Khan                           2nd Position                                        Rs. 10,000/-

3.  Waleed Qaiser Sheikh                    3rd Position                                        Rs. 5,000/

Batch III: Semester I

 1. Aimen Adnan                                  1st Position                                       Rs. 15,000/-

2.  Ayesha Liaqat                                  2nd Position                                       Rs. 10,000/-

3.  Zahra Batool                                    3rd Position                                        Rs. 5,000/


The Head of Department Public Health Prof.Dr Uzma Hassan in her concluding remarks stressed on the importance of practical aspects of learning and importance of prizes for students as it encourages them to be more productive. It creates a feeling of pride and achievement and also makes the student gratified and motivated to achieve another successful result.

The HoD congratulated and appreciated her team of Department of Public Health; Dr Tamkeen Jaffry, Dr Hina Shan, Dr Raima Asif, Ms.Huzaifa Akram and Ms. Rubab Zulfiqar for their hard work and commendable job. Prof. Dr Uzma Hassan also congratulated all the position holders and appreciated their parents who have put faith, hope and love together and have raised a positive person in society. She acknowledged the students who have been struggling and facing many challenges and difficulties to be the pioneer as this success is solely because of their perseverance, constancy and hard work.