Research & Development Department of Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute (AFPGMI) has initiated Research Skills Training Series for the Year 2023 to equip all undergraduate and postgraduate students with the necessary skills and knowledge for doing research.


The main purpose of this series is to bring the community, universities, faculty, scholar, and students work together to enhance research opportunities, research skills, knowledge creation, and dissemination of knowledge. Research is all about creating new knowledge and extending existing literature. It is a kind of engagement with research that goes further than participation in it.


One-day workshop on “Referencing and Citation” was conducted for MSc Healthcare and Administration, College of Nursing and BS Allied Health Sciences by Ms. Saba Khurshid, Research Officer, Research & Development Department, AFPGMI, NUMS.The focus of this workshop was to highlight the importance of citation and referencing in research to enhance the academic credibility of work and help to trace sources of information. The second workshop on “Literature Review and Synthesis “was organized for the College of Nursing and BS Allied Health Sciences by Dr. Shumaila Naz, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, NUMS. She guided students to understand the purpose and basic requirements for writing an effective literature review and critically assessing the research materials. Furthermore, she taught the students how to develop strategies for inventing, organizing, and drafting a literature review and cite sources appropriately.