NUMS Department of Public Health organized a field visit for the students of BSPH as part of their Community Oriented Medical Education to National Institute of Health Islamabad (NIH) on 12th May from 1000 to 1500 hrs. The aim of this visit was to show the students the general functions and responsibilities of NIH, as well as to show them the biomedical equipment functioning of the institute currently.

NIH is one of the most prestigious institutions of the country established in 1980 by Ministry of Health (MOH). This institution is involved in multi-disciplinary Public Health related activities like diagnostic services, research and production of various vaccines making its mission to improve the health infrastructure of Pakistan. The institute is actively involved in the laboratory and field investigation of infectious diseases including the etiology and epidemiology.

Pre visit briefing session facilitated by Dr Raima Asif (Asst.Prof Public Health) was held a day before visit for the students in which HoD Public Health discussed the functioning and divisions of NIH. Field training proforma comprising of different sections (Objectives, Activity Profile and Public Health Impact) were also given to them to be filled during visit .All three batches of BSPH students accompanied by Dr Tamkeen Jaffry (Assoc.Prof) , Dr Hina Shan (Asst.Prof) and Ms Rubab (Assistant Manager) from the department of Public Health were given a tour of the premises.

This included the Emergency Operations Centre, Biological Production Division, Public Health Laboratories and Drugs Control and Traditional Medicines Division. An initial briefing was delivered to students in Surveillance and Response section by the unit In-charge about the role of NIH. Then, the students in the form of groups were given a demonstration about functioning and working of different diagnostic labs (chemical pathology, Histo-pathology, cytology, Genetics and hematology). In addition, all the steps of waste management were discussed with the students. After this, they visited the Biological Production section where they observed the process of production and manufacturing of vaccines and anti-sera. Biological Production Division is the sole producer of life saving vaccines and anti-sera for immunization and therapeutic use to control the communicable diseases in the country. At the end , HVAC system of ventilation was shown to them. HVAC ( Humidifying, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system) an effective system for ventilation, where temperature, humidity and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be regulated and maintained were shown to them.

The Head of Department Public Health Prof.Dr Uzma Hassan congratulated and appreciated her team of Department of Public Health on their hard work and commendable job for the smooth conduction of such a significant field visit. The HoD stressed on the importance of field visit for students as it encourages them to be more productive and efficient.