Welcome Message



It is an honour for me to head National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) which has already earned its place among the academia within a short span of its creation, the credit for which goes to senior management, the faculty and its staff who lived up to the huge task of building a national university through professionalism and an extraordinary commitment to achieve, what it has, in the past six years.

We all can take pride over our achievements in research, linkages with the renowned   international universities and with local pharmaceutical industry to strengthen much needed cooperation between academia and the industry.      

NUMS is destined to play a vanguard role in the field of medical science by pursuing academics and research by completing its mega projects like NUMS National Institute of Advanced Studies and Research (NIASR) and the Medical City in I-17 Sector of the Federal Capital.

Once accomplished these projects will further elevate NUMS position at the national and international level besides inspiring others to emulate its example in the field of academics and research.      

NUMS bears a heavy responsibility to ensure quality of its educational offerings and training, innovation and pertinence in its research to serve the country and humanity at large. All those who join NUMS will be provided equal opportunities to grow as rounded individuals, taking merit and transparency as our guiding principles. We intend to instill, in our staff and students, a passion to be of service to mankind while embarking on a challenging but satisfying career.

With our diversely experienced faculty at NUMS’ constituent and affiliated institutes, our students will be trained to pay attention to detail with a view to becoming a reference point for healthcare related studies in the country.

At NUMS, we are working hard to push the boundary of knowledge, investing time and energy in creating a learning environment in all our fields of study and research. We intend to rise to the expectations of our society.