Vision of Research & Academic Development

National University of Medical Sciences, Pakistan envisions as its academic development roadmap, a learner -centered, socially accountable, structured program of transfer of knowledge, values and ethics.

A key goal shall be the provision of a learning environment encouraging reflective practice, critical thinking and technology-enhanced, evidence-informed decision making.

The curricular evolution process at NUMS shall employ a strategy based on intensive five yearly review and reforms, cognizant of current and emerging challenges in preventive health , diagnostic, ethical and therapeutic domains.

Delivery of safe, quality- driven, cost-effective, holistic person-centered and community-oriented care aiming to decrease health care disparity and provision of equitable distribution of resources shall be studied through case based learning, scenario building and forecasting.

The patient as a holistic individual in society,with bio-psychosocial determinants of health and disease shall be studied progressively in multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and trans -disciplinary modules. Curriculum delivery and assessment shall frequently employ inter-health professional models to develop team- based, collaborative health care delivery systems in the service of our nation.

A key purpose behind the creation of NUMS is to "understand life" in relation to the Creator, universe, global community, environment, the sciences, arts and humanities. Therefore, our undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development programs shall employ cross-disciplinary content to broaden the horizon of our graduates.

This in turn is expected to shape the lives and destiny of our nation by creating a national resource of health professionals tooled with academic leadership, wisdom and integrity.

The impact thus created, envisages transforming our national health performance indicators and health care delivery policy, based on evidence-informed, knowledge-based solutions, in consonance with our national vision 2025.

NUMS subscribes to the quadruple helix model, which envisages collaborative inter-dependent partnerships between our university through knowledge translation of our research output, its commercialization with allied health industry stakeholders, its utilization by the communities we serve and patronage by the government.

Healthy mind-body integration requires a continuous engagement through academic, as well as co-curricular activities such as sports, debates, arts and community service, and this shall play an integral role towards achieving our desired benchmarks.

The 'SPICES' model emphasizing student-centered, problem-driven, integrated, community-based, elective-driven and special study modules will be placed contextually with holistic models emphasized by Ibne-Sena , Razi, Ibn -Rushd and Ibn Haytham among the sages of yore.

Thus emerging trends in health professions education shall be placed contextually with historical landmarks, and traditional and alternative approaches to healthcare shall be examined critically through special study modules and electives.

Key landmarks

Our Roadmap and projected journey for the next decade is planned over four phases.

  • Phase I: Short Term 1-3 years
  • Phase II: Intermediate Term 4-6 years
  • Phase III: Long Term 7-10 years
  • Phase IV: Projected 11-15 years phase

The National University of Medical Sciences has set as its research priority, the goal of helping transform Pakistan into a knowledge based economy in consonance with our national vision and key performance indicators in the health sciences. We have adopted the quadruple helix model which envisages a close collaborative and symbiotic partnership between our university and industrial, governmental and community based stake-holders. We strongly advocate that our university faculty and student researchers at all levels of scholarship, generate translational research across T1, T2, T3 and T4 domains which is directly relevant to our nation and helps “ improving lives” (ref.Vice Chancellor NUMS).