Faculty of Multidisciplinary Studies

Dean’s Message:

In this ever-changing world, many problems can no longer be adequately addressed by a single discipline. Multidisciplinary studies generate more effective and sustainable solutions by combining insights from various fields. Our strength at the Faculty of Multidisciplinary Studies, lies in our capacity to generate an integrated and interconnected learning and research environment, where collaboration across disciplines leads to inclusion, innovation, and a holistic understanding of the life around us. We aim to equip our students with the skills and ability to adapt and respond effectively to changing circumstances, making them better prepared to address local and global challenges.

Aisha Mohyuddin

Dean, Multidisciplinary Studies


Integrating learning across disciplines for a positive impact in the local and global context.


To deliver a collaborative and inclusive learning environment that inspires our students to become creative, innovative and socially responsible individuals.

  • To provide quality undergraduate and postgraduate education to our students across disciplines
  • To develop competencies that promote the application of research, evidence-based practices and ethical conduct.
  • To produce students committed to professionalism, service, and the value of lifelong learning.
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