List of Faculty of NUTRITION and DIETETICS

Faculty Members




Research Interests

Dr. Sehar Iqbal

HoD/Associate Professor


Ph.D. Public Health & Nutrition, Medical University Vienna, Austria  

Public Health and Nutrition (Assessment of Micronutrient and Trace Element Status), Obesity and Weight Management (Weight Management during Pregnancy, Children and Adolescence), Maternal and Neonatal Health (Maternal Vaccination, Antenatal Care, Malnutrition and Pregnancy Complication), Socio-cultural and Political Aspects of Food (Maternal Food Insecurity and its relation to Perinatal Outcomes), Vaccination and Immunization (Maternal Neonatal Tetanus, Polio, and Measles).  

Dr. Abdul Momin Rizwan Ahmad

Assistant Professor

FRSPH (UK), PPCR (USA), CRCP (Pak), RDN (Pak), CFSM (Pak),

Ph.D. Food & Nutrition,

MS Public Health,

B.Sc (Hons.),

Clinical Nutrition (Development of Fortified Foods for various Medical Conditions), Public Health Nutrition (Nutritional Status Assessment and Interventions for Infants, Children, Mothers, Adolescents, Adults & Elderly), Micronutrient Deficiencies (Iron Deficiency), Non-Communicable Diseases (Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancers, Diabetes, Obesity)

Dr. Falak Zeb

Assistant Professor

Ph.D (Nutrition),

M.Sc (Hons),

B.Sc (Hons),


Clinical Nutrition, Molecular Nutrition, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, Intermittent Fasting, Time Restricted Feeding/ Eating, Chrononutrition (Nutrition and Circadian Rhythm), Phytonutrition, Gut Microbiota

Dr. Sana Ikram 

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Food science and Engineering)

Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition (Extractions of Natural Antioxidant and their effects on human health, therapeutic diet plans and management for various diseases).

 Public Health Nutrition (Development of fortified foods and nutritional assessment’s for managing mal-nourished community).

Micronutrients/Trace Minerals Deficiencies

Dr. Sajeela Akram

Senior Lecturer


Ph.D. Food Technology,

MSc. (Hons) Food Technology,

B.Sc. (Hons.) 

Functional and Nutraceutical food Products (Plant based bioactive with antioxidant potential coupled with health promoting perspectives to address physiological syndromes, nutraceutical assessment as cure to alleviate cardiovascular maladies comprising diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, cancer and hidden hunger), Food Processing and preservation (Development of Innovative post-harvest techniques and methods  for preservation of food products to enhance their shelf life and acceptability), Food safety and quality (Updated food safety and quality standards, Food analysis).

Dr. Juweria Abid


Ph.D. Human Nutrition & Dietetics,

M.Sc (Hons) Human Nutrition

 B.Sc (Hons.) Human Nutrition,

B.A (Social Science & Law), B.Ed. 

Clinical Nutrition (Antioxidants and their effects on health), Public Health Nutrition (health surveys, Nutritional Status Assessment and Interventions for Infants, Children, Mothers, Adolescents, Adults & Elderly)


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