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HOD's Message:

NUMS department of psychology was established in spring-2021. The need for improved mental health functioning cannot be underestimated in any domain of life. Considering this need the NUMS department of psychology started working in developing insight into the general public regarding mental health and training professionals who can effectively and efficiently work in the field to improve and prevent psychological issues in the community. The NUMS Department of Psychology is currently offering an undergraduate degree named BS Psychology and working on starting the advanced studies e.g., MS/PhD Clinical Psychology.


The undergraduate program of Psychology recognizes and supports the overall mission of NUMS where an inclusive approach to health is a hallmark of the university vision. This program envisions to provide students with fundamental knowledge and exposure needed to pursue careers and postgraduate studies in fields related to psychology, human development and aging, health and disease, rehabilitation, biomedical research, human-machine interactions, and other emerging disciplines.


BS program in Psychology aims to teach psychological concepts to undergraduates in a manner that will encourage students to develop their awareness regarding the complexities of human cognition for effective training and understanding of psychological assessment, diagnosis, intervention and prevention.

Program End Objectives:
  1. To introduce the methods of research, theories and concepts of psychology.
  2. To create an understanding of the range and limitations of psychological theory and practice.
  3. To develop skills of analysis, interpretation, application and evaluation in the use of Psychological research.
  4. To promote an appreciation and understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity.
  5. To develop an understanding of ethical issues in psychology including moral and ethical implications of psychological research.
  6. To encourage the development of communication and presentation skills.

The Department of Psychology currently offers the following academic programs:

  1. BS in Psychology

  2. MS Clinical Psychology

  3. MPhil Psychology

Future Programs:

NUMS Department of Psychology is planning to launch PhD Clinical Psychology very soon.

Contact Detail:

Phone: Phone No.: 051-5170528; Ext: 252

Phone: Phone No.: 051-5170528; Ext: 252


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