List of Faculty of Social and Behavioral Science

Faculty Members




Research Interests

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azam Chaudhary

Head of department

PhD, Social Anthropology, University of Heidelberg

Health, Religion, Kinship, Law, Local Politics (Punjab, KPK, and Gilgit-Baltistan)

Dr. Arif Mahmud

Associate Professor

D.Phil. (Oxford), M.Sc. Geography (PU), M.Sc. International Relations (QAU) Human Geography, Mountain Societies, Demography, Water Issues of Pakistan, Research Methods
Dr. Zahid Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Ph.D.  M.Phil. M.Sc. History (QAU)

History of Medicine, Religio-Political Leadership, Sufism

Dr. Abdul Qadar

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Ecole des hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France, M.Phil. (QAU), M.A Educational Research and Assessment, M.A. History (PU) Social Anthropology and Ethnology, Self and Other in Anthropology, Social Theory

Dr. Yasir Mehmood

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Northwest A&F University (China), M.S. Honors, B.Sc. Honors (UAF) Food Security, Health Economics, Environmental Economics, Rural Finance

Dr. Maria Imtiaz

Assistant Professor

PhD, M.Phil., M.Sc.Mathematics (QAU)

Fluid Mechanics; Nanofluid; Stretching sheet; Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)

Dr Amjad Sohail

Assistant Professor

PhD in Philosophy(UOK)

Neurophilosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Sciences

Dr. Shazia Khalid

Assistant Professor

PhD, Psychology, National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

Personality Psychology, Psychometry, Self-actualization, Parenting Styles, Sub-Clinical personality and social problems, Chronic Inflammation and Psychological Illness

Sara Shafiq


MPhil Anthropology (QAU), Masters in Behavioral Sciences (FJWU) Anthropology of Religion (Madrassa Education, Prevention of Radicalization), Anthropological view of Decentralization: The Cultural dimension of Peace 

Taskeen Mansoor


M.Phil. Anthropology (QAU), Masters in Gender Studies (FJWU), BSc Hons (LUMS)

Medical Anthropology, Gender and Development

Saira Javed

Lecturer- Clinical Psychology

M.Phil Psychology (NIP, QAU), Masters in Behavioral Sciences (FJWU)

Clinical, Health, Geriatric & Military Psychology

Misbah Obaid

Lecturer - English

M.Phil. Applied Linguistics, Ph.D. Scholar at Air University, Islamabad.

Discourse Analysis, ELT, Morphology and Semantics, Applied Linguistics, Dranma and Novel.

Salma Naz Khattak

Lecturer - English

M. Phil. English Linguistics and Literature, Air University Islamabad Master in English, University of Peshawar, Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English as Foreign Language, AIOU, Bachelor of Education, Institute of Education and Research, University of Peshawar.

Discourse Analysis, Genre Analysis, Phonology of Pakistani English, Psycholinguistics

Halima Sadia Qureshi

Lecturer - Psychology

PhD Scholar (BU, PK) MS Clinical Psychology (GCU, PK) Master Practitioner Neurolinguistic Programming (NFNLP, USA) Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (BI, USA) Eidetic Therapist (Ireland)

Clinical Psychology, Nonsuicidal Self-harm, Video Game Addiction, Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Sexual Harassment

Shavana Bangash

Research Assistant (Clinical Psychologist)

MS Clinical Psychology (NUST), Masters in Behavioral Sciences (FJWU)

Developmental Psychopathology, Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology & Forensic


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