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NUMS Department of Health Professions Education (NDHPE) was established at National University of Medical Sciences in 2019, with the mission of planning and implementing evidence based academic programs dictated by latest evidence and educational advancement. NDHPE has been established with the philosophy of undertaking initiatives that would help in nurturing and developing an academic environment that fosters excellence in education, research and compassionate healthcare by providing expert guidance, initiating faculty development programs and ensuring quality in all academic interventions, thereby improving healthcare delivery.


NDHPE will be a center of excellence catering to national needs customized to suit regional contexts, providing updated and innovative initiatives in student education and faculty development.


To develop and implement innovative academic programs while sustaining highest standards of quality in all academic activities of the organization across the continuum of undergraduate, postgraduate education and continuous professional development.


We believe in objective, ethical and professional practice in all activities while ensuring highest standards in our services, in alignment with the core values of the organization.

  1. Ensure rigorous and evidence-based curricula that promote outstanding skills and scholarship required to produce competent, ethical, altruistic, humane, healthcare providers.

  2. Foster and facilitate student and faculty, excellence in the scholarship of discovery, teaching & learning, integration, and application.


The Department of Health Professions Education offers the following academic programs:

  1. Certificate in Health Professions Education (CHPE)

HPE Distance Learning

MHPE Program:

The Department of Health Professions Education is now offering the following academic programs:

1. Master's In Health Professions Education (MHPE):

A healthcare educationist is a multi-faceted, multi-talented social scientist who is an analyst, planner, and a policy maker in the field of curriculum, assessment, evaluation, and research. NDHPE has crafted a master’s level program for developing just such an educationist. To be announced soon, NUMS MHPE program is an innovative blended program. The graduates of this program will not only be able to contribute to the quality of education delivered in any organization but will also be engaged in professional grooming of educators through mentoring, counseling, and professional development activities. They will also contribute to scholarly work through conducting and facilitating educational research.




2. NDHPE Faculty Development Program:

For 2020 following Workshops are offered (For details please contact us)

a. Virtual classroom

b. Improving quality of simulation based teaching I and II

c. Post-exam quality assurance of MCQs

d. Developing and implementing OSCE

e. Mentoring - engaged learning experience

Brochure CHPE Fall 2020:


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Phone051-9270677 Ext: 156

Email[email protected]

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