NUMS has maintained high standards of character by acknowledging and appreciating the hard work and achievements of its students. With this aim, the “Merit Scholarship Ceremony” was conducted by the FSSH on April 14th, 2022. The event was graced by the Dean of FSSH, Dr. Azam Chaudhary, HoD Social, and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Arif Mehmood, and HoD Psychology, Dr. Shazia Khalid alongside all the faculty members of both the departments. The chief guest of the event was Maj Gen Saleem Ahmed Khan, HI(M), Pro-VC Academics NUMS.

The event was organized to appreciate the accomplishments of the students. Ms. Salma Ayaz (Lecturer English- DSBS) conducted the ceremony. Following the recitation of the Holy Quran and National Anthem, a platform was provided to the students where students of the DSBS were encouraged to present their selected Research Papers at various International conferences to the Worthy Chief Guest. The brief detail of the selected papers is as follow:

  • Nimra Arooj presented on the topic ‘Feminists and De-Colonial Perspectives on Development’. Her paper was selected at the Second International conference hosted by the School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS), in collaboration with the Center for Business and Economics Research (CBER) at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi.
  • Warda Waheed co-authored with Dr Abdul Qadir and presented her paper at the International Conference on Management and Social Sciences hosted by Lahore Garrison University on the topic ‘Conspiracy Theories, International Relations and COVID 19: A Case Study of Sino-American Relations amid the Pandemic’.
  • ‘Emerging Space of Alternative Medicine during the era of COVID-19 Pandemic: A cross sectional study of adult population- Rawalpindi City’ was the title of the paper presented by Maryam Bibi, at 1st International Virtual Summit on Medical Sociology and Public Health which was hosted by Fatima Jinnah Women University.
  • Adeena Tariq and Maria Saif presented their paper at 1st International Virtual Summit on Medical Sociology and Public Health hosted by Fatima Jinnah Women University on the topic ‘Socio-Cultural Factors affecting Acceptance of Covid-19 Vaccine among General Population: A Case Study of District Rawalpindi, Pakistan’
  • A group of BS SSH; Maria Saif, Manaar Adil, Faiza Jaleel, Unaiza Rehman & Zainab Sabir; authored the paper on ‘Individuals Religious Beliefs Related to Health Amid Covid-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study in Rawalpindi, Pakistan’ and presented at 5th International Seminar on Islamic Civilization (ISIC 2022) hosted by Institute of Islam Hadhari, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
  • Mahnoor Khattak BSP shared with the audience about the Community Welfare Programs ‘NUMS Kindred Kinship (NK2); Kidney Care’ and NUMS Red Ray (NR2) that are being run by the faculty and student of the Department of Psychology.

The Research Presentations were followed by the distribution of Scholarships to the students. As delighted as the students were to receive the recognition, the Departments also took pride in their students as their efforts were being appreciated. At the conclusion of the event, the Chief Guest appreciated the students for achieving the scholarships.