The e-elections took place on 25th of October 2023 at NUMS PWD Campus.


The GYM Elections at NUMS were a highly anticipated event, showcasing student engagement in environmental advocacy. All students and GYM Club Members actively participated in the voting process, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability. In line with HEC requirements, the 2023-2024 election was overseen by Dr. Wasim Sajjad and Ms. Sara Shafiq of the GYM committee. Students submitted nominations via an HEC Google form for positions such as Captain and Vice-captain within a week.


Candidates utilized innovative online initiatives, launching E-campaigns for various positions through circulated E-posters. In-person campaigns complemented these efforts. The E-Elections not only demonstrated the university's commitment to environmental stewardship but also showcased the potential for positive change through technology.


The E-Elections began with students casting their votes online via laptops, ensuring accessibility. To maintain transparency, candidates were barred from the voting booth. Results were compiled and displayed in a seminar hall, revealing the new GYM cabinet, including Mr. Waleed Qasir (37.7% vote) as Captain and Mrs. Amna Khan (52.5% VOTE) as Vice Captain.


Post-election, the cabinet met with GYM Focal Person Professor Azam Chaudhry to discuss their vision for 2023-24. A formal Oath-taking ceremony and acknowledgment of former members are scheduled for the coming week. Professor Azam Chaudhry acknowledged the role of Directorate Student Affairs, Directorate Public Affairs, and Directorate of Digital Technologies in conducting the smooth electoral process.