NUMS Faculty of Multidisciplinary Studies recently conducted a capacity-building session on "Enhancing Curriculum Design through the Alignment of Program and Course Learning Outcomes." The session brought together more than 20 faculty members from various departments, fostering sharing of best practices.


Dr. Sadia Nadeem conducted the hands-on workshop where the faculty reviewed their courses in light of the discussion. Dr. Sadia Nadeem is an accomplished academic and HR professional. Currently serving as the Head of the Management Sciences Department and Director of the Management Advancement Research Centre (MARC), she has also held prestigious positions such as Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences and Head of the department. She is a Chartered MCIPD (UK) and a council member of the National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) in Pakistan. Her expertise and contributions in the field of HR make her a highly respected figure in academia and management.


The objective of the session was to align program-level learning outcomes with course-level learning outcomes, to ensure a logical progression of knowledge and skills, avoid redundancies and provide a seamless educational experience for students. By aligning program and course learning outcomes, the faculty members learned how their courses could be modified to demonstrate the relevance and real-world applications of their courses, leading to increased student engagement and motivation. The session also highlighted the importance of a well-aligned curriculum in supporting program evaluation and accreditation processes.


In conclusion, capacity-building sessions such as these support a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring the curriculum remains relevant and effective, thereby positively impacting the quality of education at NUMS. NUMS remains committed to providing a top-quality educational experience, and this session played a significant role in furthering that mission.