Practical Learning Session; The Year of Change: Challenges for First Year Students in University

NUMS Department of Public Health (NDPH) conducted a Practical Learning Session with the theme: “The Year of Change: Challenges for First Year Students in University” on Friday, March 4th, 2022, at NUMS PWD campus. The purpose of the activity was to serve as an ice breaking session and to inform new students regarding challenges of university life and different coping strategies.

The session was organized by the students of Batch I and attended by all the students and faculty of Department of Public Health including the Head of Department Professor Dr Uzma Hassan, Associate Professor Dr Tamkeen Jaffry, Assistant Professor Dr Hina Shan, Senior Lecturer Dr Rehma Gilani and Assistant Manager Ms. Rubab Zulfiqar

The session was moderated by Ms Fatimah Shahrukh and Ms Iffa Zahid. They introduced life at the university campus as a place to learn, explore and develop oneself holistically. They emphasized that the experiences students gain in their first year of University, help them in shaping their successes in the years ahead. Students, Mr Ahsan Khalil of Batch I, Mr Waleed Qaseer, Ms Fatima Saleem and Ms Sofia Rajput of Batch II, and Ms Hamda of Batch III, shared their personal experiences. Presentation on Common Challenges Faced by Students and their Solutions by Ms Rimsha Azhar and Stress Management by Ms Noor Ul Ain Shah highlighted challenges faced by students and importance of friendship, meditations, discipline, budgeting and coping mechanism. Pamphlets and posters, prepared by Ms Fizza Javed and Ms Shiza Aftab of Batch I,  were also displayed. The session also included fun games including Chinese Whisper, Would You Rather and Karaoke. In the Q&A session, students were given an opportunity to ask questions. Their concern were mostly related to public health career pathway, field trips, timing and holidays. In her closing remarks, HoD Prof Dr Uzma Hassan reassured that wellbeing of students is priority of university and their genuine concerns will be address. She acknowledged and appreciated organizing committee on their hard work and team efforts especially, Senior Lecturer Dr Rehma Gilani who arranged and supervised the session. She reemphasized the importance of first year in the university and shared her personal experience at Army Medical College. She said that this is the time where one is transitioning from a college student to a responsible adult, trying out different clubs and organizations, attending social events, and beginning to get to know batch-mates and instructors. This will lay a foundation that will be crucial for growth in these formative university years. The moderators thanked the students and faculty for attending the activity and ended with a group photograph of three batches with the HOD and the faculty of the Department of Public Health.