The undergraduate 3rd and 5th semester students from the Department of Biological Sciences, NUMS organized an innovative exhibition titled Molecular Biology Through the Eye of Physical Models on Friday, May 19, 2023. The event was part of the molecular biology course where students displayed their assignment on different complex biological process by developing physical models prepared from recyclable materials. This innovative student centered learning intervention was initiated by Dr. Liaqat Ali, Section Head, Microbiology and Immunology at NUMS.


The Dean MDS Prof. Aisha Mohyuddin and Heads of Sections and Faculty Members including Dr. Aman Karim, Dr. Naeem Afraid, Dr. Sumra Abbasi, and other senior faculty members Dr. Nazir, and Dr. Fazli Subhan vested the stalls, interacted with students and appreciated their passion for science and expressing complex process through physical models.  The most captivating part of the exhibition was excitement and joy students showed while preparing models, organizing the event and presenting their ideas.


Students showcased their scientific models on the themes including

  • DNA and its packaging
  • SARS-CoV-2
  • Circadian clock protein KAI-C
  • Central dogma
  • Cell cycle
  • Transcription and post-transcriptional modification in eukaryotes
  • Unusual sequences of DNA
  • The anatomy of chromatin

Each team of the students also delivered presentation on their model preparation and explained the biological processes involving those models.  A penal of Guest Judges, Dr. Aman Karim and Dr. Samra Wajid Abbasi evaluated the project exhibition. At the end of the exhibition Dr. Aman appreciated the unique initiative of Molecular Biology Course Team lead by Dr. Liaqat Ali for involving students in a creative learning process. He emphasized on the importance creative activities in teaching to encourage student’s active participation. Such activities help students develop their social and critical thinking skills while fostering teamwork. Exhibition models serve a greater purpose than being mere prototypes of products; they add drama and interest to displays. These models help demonstrate and explain ideas, providing a physical demonstration of their size and use. They motivate students to do their best and take pride in their work.


To inculcate scientific curiosity and innovation, NUMS professors, researchers, and leadership are fully committed in providing students with ample opportunities to nurtures their talents and develop them as future leaders.