In 2020, at the crucial time period of COVID-19, students from Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences dare to initiate a community service program titled NUMS Red Ray which is lately joined by NUMS Department of Psychology students, under the mentorship of Ms. Saira Javed (Lecturer Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, NUMS). The incubation period of the program was marked with the individual efforts and donations. It was followed by the congregation of students, the common interest to serve the cause of blood donation. The members of program have associations with different NGOs working to expand their outreach and networking. The program not only engages volunteers for donation but also facilitates transportation services for those who have mobility issues. The members allocated as student ambassador of different organization at NUMS, are given opportunities to organize awareness sessions as well as blood donation camps. The mission statement of this program is to work for the cause of blood donation to our vulnerable fellow beings who require blood transfusion for their survival and sustenance. Blood donation is a sacred act which can contribute to save precious lives, one donation can save up to three precious lives. The activities in NK2 is led by student leader in different domains, i.e., Medical Social Worker (Mr. Hasnain Khalid, DSBS, NUMS), Public Health Social Worker (Ms. Warda Waheed, DSBS, NUMS) and Mental Health Social Worker (Ms. Mahnoor Khatak, NDP, NUMS). Initially students participated individual donation but later on the students of NUMS collaborated and worked together to improve and enhance their outreach. Blood camps were organized for specific disease as well as for rare blood group types. Online counseling has been offered to individuals who are with different phobias. At the instances where direct blood donation is not feasible the members play their part in expanding networking so that other donors can receive the news and can contribute to donation. During the pandemic too, not only blood, but members worked for the cause of plasma donation to save the lives of those struggling with the Covid-19 complications. This civic engagement not only encouraged maximum participation in humanitarian cause but also facilitate them learning new life skills. NR2 is in process of opening NUMS Blood Bank at AFIT. So, far NK2 team successfully facilitated 80 direct beneficiaries, around 104 indirect beneficiaries (General population) and 100 plus donors. Under the slogan of WHO, promoting health for all, NK2 is passionate to work on Sustainable Development goals (SDGS) i.e. ‘good health and wellbeing’ ‘Reduced Inequality’, and ‘Partnerships for Goals’.  NK2 team will be caring forward this program under “Civic Society” of NUMS.