Deadly Dengue: Spread Awareness and Stop the Transmission

The NUMS Department of Public Health conducted the “Dengue Awareness Seminar”- a part of the “Dengue awareness Campaign” with a theme “Deadly Dengue: Spread Awareness and Stop the Transmission”, held at National University of Medical Sciences, PWD campus on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 at 1030 Hrs.

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease found worldwide in tropical and subtropical climates. It is a leading cause of serious illness and death in many countries with Pakistan being one of such countries where sudden rise in cases occur annually. Pakistan is battling one of the worst dengue outbreaks this year. With the precarious nature of the situation, immediate attention is required to limit the spread. Engaging with all the stakeholders to improve participation and mobilization helps in sustained community involvement in effective and substantial vector control. Community empowerment is a key aspect of the strategy as it allows the local population to drive eradication of the disease in their environment especially involving and educating younger people so that they are better prepared in spreading the knowledge to fight the menace of dengue. 

The NUMS Dengue Awareness Campaign was organized with a focus to identify all the causes and risk factors as well as the possible protective and preventive measures to avoid contracting Dengue. The Dengue Awareness Seminar involved all the students at the University with active participation from both faculties of Multidisciplinary Sciences (MDS) and Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). The NUMS Department of Public Health installed banners and standees about Dengue prevention within the University Premises along with flyer distribution in various localities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad encouraging individuals to initiate and continue their efforts to keep their surroundings dengue-free. The highlights of the event were Power point presentation, role play, poetry, poster exhibition, video screening and walk to bring the issue of Dengue in the limelight which globally remains a Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD).

NUMS Pro Vice Chancellor Academics, Maj Gen Saleem Ahmad Khan, HI (M) graced the occasion by his presence and distributed shields among the winner students of the inter-departmental competition and the organizers of the seminar. He appreciated the great potential and talent of students exhibited during the event, he also acknowledged the efforts and dedication of the members of Department of Public Health in organizing the Seminar.

NUMS Vice Chancellor, Lt Gen Syed Muhammad Imran Majeed, HI (M) gave honour by joining the Poster exhibition and walk for the cause. He admired the students for their active participation and congratulated the Public Health team on the successful Awareness Campaign.    

The Head of the Department Public Health Prof. Dr. Uzma Hassan stressed on the need to contain the disease through control of vector-aedes mosquito with effective community mobilization. The HoD acknowledged and appreciated her team of Department of Public Health; Dr. Tamkeen Jaffry, Dr. Hina Shan, Dr Rehma Gilani, Ms. Rubab Zulfiqar on their hard work and commendable job. Prof. Dr. Uzma Hassan congratulated the winners of the competition and thanked the students for their enthusiastic contribution. She expressed her gratitude to all the honorable guests for taking out the time to attend the seminar.