The fifth session of Students’ Seminar Series was successfully conducted on December 22nd, 2022, under the title of Log kiya kahenge. as the name indicate, log kiya kahenge, reflects upon the idea of power, that resides between the society’s lens and a person’s introspection about their selves and choices they make.

There are people around us who are obsessed with the idea of seeking validation from every person that possibly exists around them and so are hesitant to make the reckless choice because of the fear that is crested in their heads by the punch line, which is totally a social induction, log kiya kahenge? This condition takes away the free will of people and compels them to converge from their natural course of action.


The students from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, NUMS under the supervision of Ms Salma Ayaz (Lecturer English, DSBS), organized an interactive session on the take, “log kiya kahenge”. With the active participation of students from the Departments of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Psychology, the event was honored by the presence of Dr. Azam Chaudhry (Dean- Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities), Dr. Arif Mehmood (HoD Social and Behavioral Sciences), Dr. Shazia Khalid (HoD Psychology), Dr Zakia Bano (HoD Clinical Psychology) and other dignified faculty members. The event was hosted by Ms. Mariyam Aamir from (SSH-VII) and Ms. Saleha Iftikhar (SSH-VIII).

The event commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran and was followed by Ted Talk by Ms. Khadija Faisal (Psychology-II). It proceeded with a poem, both composed and recited by Ms. Enaab Syed (SSH-VII). The second Ted Talk was delivered by Ms. Noreen Iqbal (SSH-VI).  The performative description of the topic was portrayed by a group of students which received much applause from the audience. This group included Umm e Farwa, Ahsan Mukhtar, Areeba Gul, Abeer Fatima, and Pireh Fareed. The event was concluded by an Open Mic segment, which was moderated by Ms. Ifrah Zafar (Psychology-IV). Living up to its purpose the open mic session resulted in experience sharing from the audience. Ms. Fatemah Ather also shared her closure poem.


Dr. Azam (Chief Guest of the event) presented the participants with certificates of recognition. Along with the Event Management Team who assisted in making the event a success, the students of the organizing team (Nimra Arooj, Tasmiya Saghir, Maryam Bashir, and Fatemah Ather-SSH-VII) received appreciation from the faculty members. Dr. Azam Chaudhry, in his remarks, acknowledged the hard work of the students for presenting quality performances along with highlighting the fact that on one hand, other people’s opinions can be a source of stress however, it can be the opinions of others that benefit you one way or other.

Furthermore, Dr Arif (HoD DSBS) in his concluding remarks appreciated the efforts of Ms. Salma Ayaz for meticulously supervising the event. With prayers and good wishes for the participants, the ceremony was formally concluded with a souvenir photo.