Since 2019, Ms. Saira Javed (Lecturer Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, NUMS) led community services program with students from Faculty of SSH, NUMS comprised of Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Department of Psychology, NUMS. NUMS Kindred Kinship (NK2) is a comprehensive program that includes patient care for people undergoing hemodialysis for renal failure, public health awareness sessions, and mental health care for affected patients, their caregivers, and their families. The program was initiated by the 1st batch of 23 students of the NUMS Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences of Health (BSSSH) Program. Later, students from NUMS Department of Psychology (23 students) joined in as well. NK2 were welcomed by Col. Mohammad Yunus Bhatti (Retd), CEO of Pakistan Kidney Patients Association, Rawalpindi Pakistan, a renowned charity established since December 1997  to help patients admitted in a charity that provides care through; The Patient Care Social Workers (Medical Social Worker: Ms. Maria Saif-DSBS, NUMS), The Public Awareness Social Workers (Public Health Social Worker: Ms. Warda Waheed- DSBS, NUMS) and The Mental Healthcare Social Workers (Mr. Mukarram Bin Afzal) – NDP, NUMS). In compliance to PKPA and NUMS vision, group members of NK2 are designated to float information among other fellows through visits, awareness sessions and workshops. The main goal of this program is to work on health and well-being and to instill a sense of empathy and connection to reduce inequality. From kidney care to all aspects, including the physical and mental health of hemodialysis patients and other directly or indirectly affected people. It not only provides treatment for patients with kidney disease by coping, but also conveys awareness of kidney disease to the general public. Another issue we focus upon is to uncover the myths surrounding hemodialysis. The project not only deals with patients, it takes into account psycho-social wellbeing of their caregivers, family members and medical staff. It incorporates wellbeing of health care workers as well to enhance their efficiency. So far, students provided aid to 600 direct beneficiaries (150 patients, 30 staff and 420 family members/caretakers) around 104 indirect beneficiaries. After two plus years now NK2 team intend to expand their services to other hospitals and dialysis cafes around the country. The members and students involved in the program achieve a renewed perspective on life by imparting an aura of humanitarian spirit. This also has impacted them in academia by helping them learn new skills; leadership, community engagement benefits of gaining first hand data, enhanced their communication, management and organizational skills.  It is please to share hear that NK2 has been selected as one of the 10 Semi-Finalists of 2022 MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship by Talloires Network (TN) of Global Universities. Under the slogan of WHO, promoting health for all, NK2 is passionate to work on Sustainable Development goals (SDGS) i.e. ‘good health and wellbeing’, ‘Reduced Inequality’, and ‘Partnerships for Goals’.  NK2 team will be carrying forward this program under “Civic Society” of NUMS.