BS Biological Sciences (Genetics)


To prepare the next generation of leaders in research, academia and industry through a focused, high-quality biological sciences undergraduate program, majoring in Genetics, with an emphasis on research relevant to the needs of our population.

What makes the program unique?

The degree program is designed to provide our graduates with a sound basis and conceptual understanding of the major theories and disciplines of biology, including foundations of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and immunology.  This program has the flexibility to enable our students to pursue careers in various areas of research, academia and industry.  Several courses related to philosophy, logic and social sciences have been included in this program to build our students’ capacity to excel in a multi-disciplinary world. This program necessitates the students to learn and carry out a meta-analysis in later part of their degree to acquire the ability to critically appraise scientific literature and publish a manuscript.  A hands-on research project in their final semester will give the students an opportunity to utilize the acquired lab based skills to conduct research.

Career Prospects:

This is a research-based course, designed to overcome the such deficiencies and prepare a cadre of graduates that will have all the required competencies required to pursue further studies, whether nationally or internationally, including a myriad of fields such as biomedical, forensic or pharmaceutical sciences. For those students who do not wish continue studies, a variety of possible employment opportunities exist such as:

  1. Research and development (Research Associates)
  2. Hospitals and Labs (Lab Technologists/Technicians)
  3. Industry (Technical Support Staff)
  4. Education (School Teachers)
  5. Entrepreneurs (Biotechnology and Biomedical industry)
  6. Genetic counselors
Admission Criteria/Eligibility:
  • F.Sc. Pre-medical/A levels or equivalent with at least 60% marks
  • NAT (General)/ MDCAT with minimum 50% of cumulative score OR NUMS Admission Test
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Commencement of Session


Tentative Date

Admissions start


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Commencement of Course

21st february 2022

Tuition Fee

Fee Structure

BS Biological Sciences (Genetics)

Tuition Fee

Pkr 100,000 /semester

Admission Fee

Pkr 30,000 (One Time)

Security Fee

Pkr 10,000 (Refundable)

Institutes offering this course:
  • NUMS, Rawalpindi