BS Social Science of Health


BS program in Social Science of Health aims at understanding the relationship between health and human society through analytical lens of social science disciplines.

What is Unique about this Program?
  • The teaching faculty consists of specialists from fields of Anthropology, Economics, Political Studies, Psychology, Sociology, History, Mathematics Public Health, Bio-medicine, Geography, Media Sciences and Technology to provide a holistic interdisciplinary perspective on health issues.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of the program is conducive to learning skills outside the classroom through community engagement.
  • The approach of the program is an interdisciplinary perspective of health, social sciences and humanities which enhances understanding of health in terms of diverse cultural outlooks.
Career Prospects:
  • Medical social workers in hospital, community, specialized medical settings, government or health sector organizations
  • Health educators (health awareness and promotion)
  • Patient rights advocates
  • Health care administrators in diverse health settings
  • Clinical outreach officers (health researchers)
  • Future career path as behavioral sciences faculty in medical and dental colleges.
Admission Criteria/Eligibility:
  • F.Sc (Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering), F.A., ICS, I.Com, A Levels, High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate or equivalent qualification with a minimum 2nd division
  • NUMS Admission Test
  • Interview


Interdisciplinary General Courses

Foundation (Core) Courses

Major/Elective Courses

Introduction to Geography 

Introduction to Public Health 

Health Communication and Mass Media  

Introduction to Anthropology

Gender and Health 

Introduction to Biomedicine

Introduction to Economics  

Health and Community Development 

History of Medicine  

Introduction to Psychology 

Health Economics

Advanced Methods in Health Research  

Introduction to History  

Anthropology, Healing and Religion 

Medical Anthropology-I  

Introduction to Philosophy

Research Methodology  

Health Professions Education  

Political Science and Governance 

Social Theories 

Health Informatics  

Law and Human Rights

Hospital Management

Globalization and Health 


Health Psychology

Medical Anthropology-II

Commencement of Session


Tentative Date

Admissions start

July 2019

Merit List display

August 2019

Commencement of Academic year

September 2019

Tuition Fee

Fee Structure

BS Social Science of Health

Tuition Fee

PKR 90,000/semester

Admission Fee

PKR 20,000 (One Time)

Security Fee

PKR 10,000 (Refundable)

Course examination fee PKR 1800/course (3 credit hrs)