BS Social Sciences of Health

" A multidisciplinary discipline that aims to explore health-related issues using the analytical lenses offered by social and behavioural sciences."

About the Program


The program gives understanding, develops insight and helps students to conceptualize social, cultural, environmental, political, behavioural and economic conditions that affect the health and wellbeing of wider communities. It foresees to develop learning skills in students to plan, implement and evaluate health policies and projects, undertake health education initiatives, use media, engage with communities and develop advocacy strategies. 

Vision/Mission of the Program


BS Social Sciences of Health aims to enable students to understand the complex social factors that affect health through excellence in academics and research

What is Unique about this Program?


  • The teaching faculty will consist of specialists from field of anthropology, economics, political studies, psychology, sociology, history, public health, bio-medicine, geography, media sciences and technology to give a holistic interdisciplinary perspective on health issues.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of the program is conducive to learn skills outside the classroom through Community Engagement.
  • The essence of the program is an interdisciplinary research in health, social sciences, and humanities which enhance understandings of health in terms of cultural perspectives.


Eligibility Criteria


  • F.Sc (Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering), F.A., ICS, I.Com, A Levels, High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate or equivalent qualification with minimum 60% aggregate marks
  • NAT (General) with minimum 50% of cumulative score OR NUMS Admission Test
  • Interview


Interdisciplinary General Courses

Foundation (Core) Courses

Major/Elective Courses

Introduction to History

Anthropology of Religion

Medical Anthropology

Introduction to Political Science

Health Economics

Social Theories

Introduction to Economics

Bio-Medical Approaches to Health

Advanced Methods in Health Research

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Health Research

Geography of Health

Introduction to Law and Human Rights

Health Psychology

Medical Systems: A Comparative Perspective

Introduction to Geography

Gender and Health

Health Policy and Planning

Introduction to Linguistics

Introduction to Public Health

Population Dynamics and Health

Introduction to Anthropology

Arts and Design in Health

Health Informatics


Health Communication

Globalization and Health



Health and Environment



Health Professional Education



History of Medicine



Introduction to Biomedicine

Commencement of Session


Tentative Date

Admissions start

January 2019

Merit List display

February 2019

Commencement of Academic year

Last Week of February 2019

Tuition Fee

Fee Structure

BS Social Sciences of Health

Tuition Fee

Pkr 90,000/semester

Admission Fee

Pkr 20,000 (One Time)

Security Fee

Pkr 10,000 (Refundable)