Monitoring and Evaluation of Research Projects


In the pursuit of achieving the envisioned outcomes outlined in our approved project documents, the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) ORIC developed a dashboard for tracking research projects. This innovative platform is designed to empower Principal Investigators (PIs), by providing a real-time data interface for efficient information input and progress tracking. The primary goal is to enhance the overall management, monitoring, and evaluation of research projects, ensuring seamless collaboration among key stakeholders.

Benefits of the ORIC Project Tracking Dashboard
  • Timely Decision-Making:

Enables concerned authorities to make informed and timely decisions based on current project data.

  • Proactive Oversight:

Facilitates a proactive approach to project oversight, identifying and mitigating potential challenges in real time.

  • Efficiency and Transparency:

Enhances the efficiency of project management processes and promotes transparency in project execution.

  • Follow-up Mechanism:

Allows for a structured follow-up mechanism, ensuring that any deviations from the project plan are promptly addressed.


How to Engage with the ORIC Dashboard
  • Login Credentials:

PIs will be provided with secure login credentials to access the ORIC Dashboard.

  • Data Input Guidelines:

Guidelines for data input will be provided to ensure uniformity and accuracy in information submission.

  • Regular Updates:

Regularly update project-related information to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date overview.

  • Feedback Mechanism through Comment box:

The Dashboard includes a feedback mechanism to address any queries or concerns related to the monitoring and evaluation process.