List of Scholarship Funding Agencies, NGO’s , Foundations in Pakistan

List of Scholarship Funding Agencies, NGO's , Foundations in Pakistan providing Study Funds and Scholarships:-

1: Al khidmat foundation

2: Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

3: NGO YLP (Young leaders Programme)

4: Dalda Foundation Scholarships

5: Student Loan Scheme

6: Pakistan Engineering Congress Scholarships

7: PEEF Scholarships

8: Alfalah Scholarship Scheme

9: IBA Talent Hunt Program

10: LUMS NOP Program

11: Diya Pakistan Funds

12: Scholarships from 'Bismillah Bibi and Mrs. Talat Jamil Scholarship trust

13: Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation

14: GC University, Lahore

15: USAID Scholarships…/USAIDFunded…/Pages/Introduction.aspx