HEC – DLSEI 2023

HEC is launching DLSEI in 2023 with 18000 “Free” Coursera licenses. It is a first come first serve based opportunity. There are no specific quotas allotted for any university. The registration process will start in the first week of January 2023. The license will be issued for 7 months in two cohorts; Cohort 1 - until July 31 2023 Cohort 2 - until Feb 14 2024

Eligibility Criteria:

Students, Faculty & Staff of universities with edu.pk email id will be self-verified, others can still apply with supporting documents.

Course Availability:

More than 5000 courses, 3000 guided projects, 50 industry certifications and 400 specializations are available for enrolment via DLSEI.

HEC and Coursera have specially curated learning tracks based on in-demand job roles.

There is no limit on how many courses a Learner can enroll into and complete. The license allows unlimited learning for a period of 7 months.

Learner gets e-certificate for each course they complete.

Registration Process (for a Learner*):
  1. Learner visits eservices.hec.gov.pk and Registers if they already have an account or Signs Up if they do not have an account
  2. Learner selects option to apply for DLSEI Coursera license and goes to Application Form for e-Courses
  3. Learner fills the application form with edu.pk email address. Note that this email id is important for HEC to Verify the Learner and allot the license.
  4. If a Learner does not have an edu.pk email id, they can apply with supporting documents (their previous semester/ education Transcript or result card, Admission or Registration Card in case of a student, or Employment document in case of Faculty or Staff) and their verification will be done by the Focal person of the concerned University.
  5. After submitting the Application, Learner should wait for the License allotment email that has the link to “Join” the program on the DLSEI-Coursera portal
  6. No fee payment is required.

*A Learner can be a Student/ Faculty member or Staff of a HEC recognized University

License Revocation:

HEC team will monitor Learner activity and reserves the right to revoke licenses if Learners’ are not using it based on the below criteria

  1. Learner joins the program but does not make any progress in at least one course in the first 15 days after license allocation email is sent.
  2. Learner does not click on the license allocation email link or joins the program in the first 15 days after license allocation email is sent.
  3. Learner joins the program but does not complete at least one course (of any duration) in the first 4 weeks after license allocation email is sent.
  4. Once license is revoked, it will be allotted to the next person in the waiting list of applicants maintained by HEC.

Certain courses that are part of Coursera’s Master Track certificates, degree courses and those that are from certain universities/ industries like Stanford, Wharton, PwC, etc. are not available as part of this catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where should I go to register?


Can faculty and staff also register? Is there a limit on how many Students/ Faculty / Staff can register from a university?

Yes, Faculty and staff can register. There is no limit per university - it is on a First come First serve basis.

What if I do not have an edu.pk email id?

Register with your Primary email address and provide Documentary Proof that you are a Student (transcript/ Student card/ Admit Card), Faculty or Staff (employment letter/ employment card). Your application will be verified by University’s Focal Person afterwards.

What will be the registration window - start/end dates?

Registrations will open in the first week of January 2023 and will be ongoing. Licenses will be allotted until seats are full, after which applicants will move into a waiting list. Registrations for the first cohort will run until 31 July 2023.

Where can I seek more information?

Please visit dlsei.hec.gov.pk.