BS Psychology and BS Nutrition & Dietetics Online Admissions Test Instructions

  1. Evaluation will be monitored as per NUMS System Time displayed at the top right corner. Please press the Refresh Time button frequently to get the latest System Time.
  2. MCQs are based on ONE BEST OPTION type out of given options. THERE WILL BE NO NEGATIVE MARKING
  3. One question will appear on the screen at a time.
  4. During the evaluation, you can go to the next question by using the SAVE & NEXT button, the previous question by clicking the PREVIOUS button, or any specific question by clicking on that question number box given at the bottom of your screen. Any response after which SAVE and NEXT button is not clicked, will not be saved by the system.
  5. You may change your response of any MCQ at any point in time during the evaluation by clicking the PREVIOUS, NEXT, or specific question number box.
  6. Once you are on the last question, additional buttons will be available on your screen to review all your submitted responses through the REVIEW ALL RESPONSES button.
  7. You can submit your evaluation through SUBMIT EVALUATION button. Once you click SUBMIT EVALUATION button, system will ask your confirmation to finally submit your evaluation. Till that point in time, if you choose to further change your response of any MCQ, you can do that by clicking at appropriate button. ONCE YOU CONFIRM THE FINAL SUBMISSION OF YOUR EVALUATION, NO FURTHER CHANGE CAN BE MADE.
  8. At the conclusion of the stipulated time of the test, even if you have not submitted your evaluation the system will automatically SAVE your evaluation