Workshop on Professional Development at NUMS

Learning and Innovation section of Higher Education Commission HEC  arranged 10 days training on “Learning through English” and invited the institutes in Rawalpindi/Islamabad to nominate their fresh faculty members to attend this training. In this regard, National University of Medical Sciences NUMS nominated two Assistant Professors Dr. Syed Babar Jamal Bacha and Dr. Sumra Wajid Abbasi to attend the training. Later on as per HEC instructions, a cascading workshop session of this training was conducted in MH Conference Hall on 29th of January 2019 at NUMS.

The session was focused on “Professional Development” that falls in the subtopic of institutional development. Director Research/Head of Biological Sciences NUMS, Dr. Aisha Mohyuddin, was invited to evaluate the participants as well as the speakers. The session proceeded with a formal presentation on the 10 days agenda of the training at HEC, followed by an interactive session comprising of group activities.  The main aim of this workshop was to train new faculty members for their upcoming challenges and their interaction with students. All the faculty members and Head of Biological Sciences Department were invited in the workshop; participation of HOD and faculty members was highly appreciated.

Director Research/Head of Biological Sciences NUMS, Dr. Aisha Mohyuddin concluded the workshop by giving her remarks on the daylong activity and acknowledged all the faculty members for their active participation in the workshop.