The NUMS Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences (DSBS) welcomed the third batch of students of BS-Social Science of Health in an orientation session held on 26th February, 2020 at AFIMH Auditorium, NUMS. The students of all semesters along with DSBS and adjunct faculty attended the said event. Before the formal proceedings, the DSBS faculty and the adjunct faculty had a meeting to share their respective experiences of the diverse teaching methodologies.

The formal session started with Head of Department, Prof. Dr. Azam Chaudhary highlighting to the audience the idea that universities where there are no spaces for freedom of thought and expression do not have the right to call themselves ‘universities’. He congratulated the students on joining the Program of Social Science of Health at DSBS, NUMS which offers a platform to challenge and deconstruct existing dominant knowledge.

While talking about the innovative features of the program, Dr. Azam discussed how DSBS, NUMS strives for a ‘student centric’ approach towards learning along with the linkage of classrooms to communities which augments the applicability of the taught curriculum. Narrating anecdotes from his childhood, Dr. Azam shared that in the olden days, knowledge was transmitted from the old to the young but today, due to availability of diverse knowledge sources especially the internet, there are new ways of learning for the youth. Therefore, faculty at NUMS acknowledges that ‘new times need new methodologies’ and shouldbe able to combine the knowledge of young and old to enrich the 2-way learning process.

The students of second and third semester shared their reflections about the BS program, campus life, faculty-student interaction, seminars and social events. Members of the Student Media Club exhibited a video showcasing academic sessions and recreational visits of the department. After the session, students and faculty interacted over tea and refreshments.