Training Development Initiative at NUMS

Pakistan has huge youth potential and universities are overproducing graduates to an extent that 50% of the local university graduates are either unemployed or unable to partake in socio-economic growth and development of the country.

The need of the hour is to not only produce future experts by adopting the best international standards and practices in education, training and research along with well-defined curriculum and modernisation of infrastructure, but to generate adequate and befitting employment opportunities for the prospect graduates to avoid and reduce brain-drain from the country.

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) has taken an initiative to address the dilemma through ‘University Management Trainee Program’ (UMTP) and selected University Management Trainees (UMTs). UMTP is conceptualised and designed for fresh graduates and young talent to help them develop and transform their interests and capabilities into skills and expertise that are needed for their preferred career paths.

The NUMS’ University Management Trainees (UMTs) are trained by distinguished key-players from different spheres of life and métiers through lectures, interactive sessions and in-house activities. NUMS’ UMTs are being assigned to all NUMS’ Directorates to acquire hands-on-experience for future professional growth.

NUMS envisions to offer the trainee programs for other universities on the successful completion of the program and produce skilled workers and future leaders that will become a treasure for the nation.