Jinnah Day 2019 celebrated at Army Medical College

The annual Jinnah day, held under the umbrella of amcolians debate and literary society, was celebrated on 24th January 2020. As cadets filed in to ayub auditorium after the battalion fall in, the esteemed principle and faculty arrived to honour the day with their presence. Cadets Anusha Sultan and Aida Faisal began the day’s festivities, with cadet Abu Bakar reciting verses from the Holy Qur'an.

To test the knowledge of the cadets and for the sake of a little healthy competition, the second ever Jinnah day quiz was nail biting and intense. With 41st MBBS bagging the trophy, the real highlight was the suspense and sheer enthusiasm expressed by the audience every time a team answered a question. 

To invigorate the feeling of devotion to our Quaid and understand his struggle, cadets Abdur Rehman and Rusab Alam gave heart wrenching speeches that clearly awakened the feeling of patriotism in the audience's heart. 

To pay homage to the journey of the fall and rise of Muslims in the subcontinent, a group of cadets performed a skit. Cadet Ahmed embodying Jinnah seemed to have stepped out of a portrait of Jinnah himself. The acting of cadets was complemented by the principal and the officers in attending. 

Cadet Junaid, the voice of AM College, sang a melodious song to pay homage to our beautiful land Pakistan.

A choir of students also performed Dil Dil Pakistan with Ahmed taking centre stage and waving Pakistan's flag at the end, recreating the joy of independence with their voices and enthusiasm.

To end the day’s activities, the principal gave a short speech emphasizing the importance of appreciating our leader and applauding the cadets for a job well done.