First Batch of BS-Social Sciences of Health: Orientation Session

The NUMS Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences (DSBS) welcomed the first batch of students of BS-Social Sciences of Health in the orientation session held on 28th February, 2019 at NUMS. After initial ice-breaking activities with students and parents, the formal session started with an overview of NUMS presented by Ms. Sara Shafiq, Manager Coordination, VC Secretariat. Thereafter, Dr. Azam Chaudhary, Professor Anthropology discussed the student centric philosophy of education at NUMS and the curriculum and scope of BS-Social Sciences of Health. Dr. Azam highlighted that with space for freedom of expression, understanding of the need to deconstruct and reconstruct knowledge and connection of classroom with community, the students can be introduced to education that becomes Urdu “Shauq” for them instead of English Shock. Dr. Azam discussed that along with focus on disease which looks at biological aspects of health, one needs to understand the subjective experience of the disease i.e. illness which is shaped up by the culture.

Ms. Taskeen Mansoor (Faculty, NUMS DSBS) then introduced the students and parents to the diverse faculty of the department which included: Associate Professor, Dr. Arif Mahmud (Geography), Assistant Professor, Dr. Zahid Ahmed (History), Assistant Professor, Dr. Abdul Qadar (Anthropology) and Assistant Professor, Dr. Yasir Mehmood (Economics). Visiting faculty from other departments of NUMS including Ms. Noreen Mirza (Additional Director, Health Professions Education), Dr. Rehma Gilani (Assistant Director Research) and Mr. Farhan Mubashir (Assistant Manager, Examination) were also introduced to the students.

The students were acquainted with the student support system in which Ms. Anum Farooq (Faculty NUMS DSBS) as course coordinator talked about the need and availability of academic advising, student counselling and skill development at the department, providing contextualized consultation to the students.  Dr. Abdul Qadar as focal person for financial advising informed the students of the available merit and need based scholarships. Ms. Taskeen Mansoor as focal person for student engagement highlighted the role of extracurricular activities in personal and professional growth of the students, giving them an empowering role in their education. After the presentations, the students, parents and faculty interacted over tea and refreshments, followed by a group photograph and a campus tour for the students.