Evaluation of BSc Nursing Post (RN) College of Nursing

As part of Self-Assessment Process carried out at the end of every semester at NUMS. External Evaluation of the Bachelors in Science in Nursing Post RN Program at College of Nursing, AFPGMI was conducted on June 17, 2020.

The evaluation process started in January after completion of the couse program of the session 2018. Quality Assurance Directorate NUMS intimated Head of Department to submit the Self-Assessment Report through NUMS QAD SAR Portal Online. After submission and feedback evaluation from Faculty and students, the Assessment Team External Member, Maj (Retd) Fauzia Jabeen, Vice Principal Foundation University College of Nursing, Islamabad, was nominated, who performed Rubric Evaluation of the BSN Post RN program after extensive scrutiny of the curriculum, teaching methodology and analysis of Feedback reports  

In addition to Maj (Retd) Fauzia Jabeen (external evaluator), Lt Col Bushra, Lt Col Fauzia Naaz, Maj Nurig Shaheen and Maj Sadaf Younus also participated in the final meeting. AT member submitted the evaluation of BSc Nursing Post (RN) program by using AT portal successfully. Muhammad Waqas (Data Analyst) and Muhammad Rizwan (Asstt. Manager) from Quality Assurance Directorate also joined the meeting to facilitate the evaluation process.