Sports at AMC

Sports gala and fun fare activities are celebrated every year in spring season. These activities provide the students a welcome relief from the tough routines of the academic life. Intercompany competitions are held for prizes and trophies.

College Sports Committee plans, organizes, and conducts competitions for athletics, swimming, cricket, hockey, football, basketball, table tennis, squash and body building. Sufficient indoor facilities exist on campus to hold competitions on a regular basis.

The inter college sports championship is carried out each year for both male and female students during which various sports competitions are held under international rules and regulations. The college is equipped with high standard facilities for each sport. The college has a newly built basketball court and wooden squash courts of international standard, a clay court and hard court for tennis, an indoor badminton court, a gymnasium equipped with appropriate facilities for physical fitness and bodybuilding and lavish grounds for field games. The students actively participate in every sport providing a high level of competitiveness injecting spirit and excitement into each event.