Department of Dentistry

Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry (AFID) was formally established in 1972 as an Inter-services Unit. Since then, the Institute has been instrumental in the provision of specialist dental treatment to the patient, imparting post-graduate trg to dental surgeons of Pakistan, ADC of neighboring countries civilian dental surgeons, and training of para dental staff. Under graduate BDS course has also been started w.e.f 15 May 1998.


Dental services along with rest of the Army were reorganized in 1947.   Dental Centre located at Rawalpindi was designated as GHQ Dental Centre. It was then a two chairs Dental Centre with a Dental Laboratory, which expanded later on to four chairs Dental Centre.

Phase-I facility of the Institute was sanctioned in1980. Housed in a two storey compact building, it was officially inaugurated in July 1981 by the President of Pakistan. It includes 12 Dental Surgeries, 2 Dental Laboratories and allied facilities. Phase-II building of the Institute was completed in 1993 and at present it is fully functional.​​