QA/QEC Rules and Regulations

This section provides links to rules and regulations set by the governing bodies of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), that are both general and specific for medical students and faculty.

The following link provides with the basic quality assurance guidelines and standards prescribed by HEC. These rules also serve as benchmark for the QEC of any HEI.

This link outlines the basic prerequisites to secure a job as a faculty member of a clinical science department in a medical university.

This link elaborates on the eligibility criterion to appoint non-clinical and basic science faculty members in a medical university (as per classification by PM&DC)

The following link redirects you to PM&DC website, where you can find the required information related to the regulations set by the council with respect to students, faculty and managing personnel.

This link provides with information regarding postgraduate medical qualifications (FCPS)

This link takes you to the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) website, the governing body for all nursing institutions of the country.

The following link redirects to the Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council website, where rules and regulations for veterinary doctors can be found.