Objectives and Responsibilities

1. To support the University’s goal in order to develop an effective learning environment by continuous quality assurance, evaluation and enhancement with regards to teaching, research and management.

2. To facilitate all NUMS’ Constituent and Affiliated Medical, Dental, Nursing, Veterinary Colleges and Specialty Institutes to build their own Quality Assurance (QA) mechanisms, form Local QECs (L-QECs) in compliance with all the relevant accreditation bodies like PM&DC, HEC, PNC, CPSP, PEC, PVMC, etc.

3. To arrange, coordinate and facilitate national and international training workshops for all the Constituent, Affiliated, Specialty Institutes and University management to undertake Self-Assessment and Internal Quality Evaluation (IQA) and External Quality Assurance (EQA).

4.  To represent NUMS at national and international Quality Assurance and Accreditation forums.

5. To acquire membership, certification, accreditation of the national and international accreditation bodies like QAA-UK, APQN, INQAAHE, CHEA, TEQSA etc. for NUMS and existing and new programmes of its departments.

6. To develop customised Quality Assurance resources as per national and international quality standards for medical and social sciences and make them accessible for all NUMS’ Constituent and Affiliated Colleges and Institutes.

7. To ensure continuing professional education and in-service capacity building of faculty and management, in order to enhance the quality of teaching and learning for faculty and researchers of NUMS and for augmenting the quality of service and deliverables by NUMS management.

8. To develop NUMS Quality Accreditation and Attestation Cell under Quality Assurance Directorate.

9. To prepare NUMS Quality policies, code of ethics and standards, regulations, guidelines, criteria for Internal and External Quality Assurance.

10.To devise an effective students’ feedback system for improving the evaluation and review process focusing on quality of curricula, learning and teaching methodologies, student learning outcome assessment.