At National University of Medical Sciences, the Quality Assurance Directorate, (QAD) has just started its journey towards academic excellence and continuous development. The QAD aims to support all its stakeholders including NUMS Constituent/Affiliated Colleges, Specialty Institutes and Teaching Hospitals across Pakistan in their performance excellence journey.

We, at NUMS believe that NUMS is for the nation. NUMS aims to benefit not just those associated to it, but the country as a whole. I aim to lead the QEC in a way that the progress and advances we make, are sensitive to the current national needs.

With passing time, we would enable all associated with NUMS to self-assess their quality and also perform their own need analysis effectively and identify areas where we can help them improve their performance in compliance with national and international quality standards prescribed by the relevant accreditation entities. I hope and pray that collectively we will make NUMS a distinguished premier institution of Pakistan which will be recognised nationally and internationally for its Quality and Service par excellence!