NUMS is dedicated to ensuring the quality and continuous improvement of its Academic programs and university management in a transparent and accountable manner. The ultimate goal of the twin process of assurance and enhancement is to support the development of a quality culture that is embraced by all: from the students to academic staff to the institutional leadership and management. The quality assurance framework is based on three inter-linked processes; namely Self-Assessment, Internal Quality Assurance, and External Quality Assurance.

The Quality Assurance Directorate at NUMS started its operation in December 2016. Currently in its developmental phase, the Directorate aims to design an effective quality assurance framework for the University in cognizance of special needs of medical and allied health disciplines in consultation with HEC, PM&DC and PNC; as well as facilitate all NUMS colleges and institutes to comply with policies as prescribed by these regulatory bodies.


At National University of Medical Sciences, the Quality Assurance Directorate, (QAD) has just begun its journey towards excellence and continuous development. The QAD aims to support all its stakeholders including ...  More 

Ms. Noor Amna Malik