SOP for Placement of IPFP Applicants at NUMS

“Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs” (IPFP) program of HEC is designed to develop faculty of public and private sector universities to ensure quality teaching and research. In order to streamline the procedure for IPFP applicants at NUMS, an SOP is being formulated for future course of action on the subject.

  • After the HEC approval, the applicant will place the application to university registrar.
  • At first, The VC - NUMS, will interview the applicant.
  • Applicant will be interviewed next by Dean (Research and ORIC).
  • After the interviews, suitability of the applicant will be discussed between The VC-NUMS and Dean (Research /ORIC).
  • According to the suitability report of the applicant, the VC – NUMS will invite the Dean of Concerned Faculty for further discussion.
  • On the recommendations of Dean (Concerned Faculty) and Dean (Research/ORIC), the VC - NUMS will take the final decision on placement of the applicant and his/her work within the university including their research project(s).
  • Authority to place an IPFP applicant at NUMS will solely lie with the VC - NUMS.
  • On approval, a joining letter will then be issued to the applicant to join the University.
  • The research project(s) of the IPFP candidate will be developed under the guidance of Dean (Concerned Faculty), Dean (Research /ORIC) and the VC – NUMS who will also be providing facilitators and required Co-PI(s) to the individual IPFP candidate (PI).
  • The project write-up with clearly defined objectives, methodology and time frame will then be submitted through the concerned Head of Department, Dean (Concerned Faculty) to the Dean (Research /ORIC) at NUMS.
  • The concerned department IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval will also be sent to the Dean (Research /ORIC) at NUMS. However, in case of Multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary departments the IRB will be formulated under the supervision of the VC – NUMS according to the design/need of the project.
  • After essential verifications, Dean (Research/ORIC) will countersign the project.
  • The project will be forwarded to the VC - NUMS for final approval and to proceed for the grant application.
  • All matters related to lab work, expenditure, publication and authorship will be discussed among the Dean (Concerned Faculty), Dean (Research /ORIC) and the VC – NUMS. The VC – NUMS will then take the final decision.
  • An independent written feedback (Progress Report) from individual concerned (IPFP appointment holders), Head of Department, Dean(s) (Concerned Faculty), Dean (Research /ORIC) at NUMS will be put up to the VC – NUMS on quarterly basis. i.e., last working day of March, June, September, December each year.