Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral Sciences Team, 2017

"Aims to understand and improve life by integrating the bio-psycho-social model of health in research and academics"

The BHS Team:



Current Projects

Interests/Research Areas

Sara Shafiq

Research Coordinator


  1. Anthropology of Religion (Madrassa Education,Prevention of Radicalization)
  1. Arts and Anthropology
  2. Migration Dynamics
  3. Anthropological view of Decentralization: The Cultural dimension of Peace
  1. Medical Anthropology
  2. Positive Psychology

Syed Jamshad Ahmad Bukhari

Research Officer

“Study of Social and Cultural Life of Epileptic Patients- A perspective from Pakistan”


The project aims to explore the quality of life of the epileptic patients (Tonic-Clonic only), using mixed methodologies. Multiple sample groups include the Patients of Epilepsy, the caregivers, employers and doctors. The study will use QoL-31 which is a tool specifically designed to assess the quality of life of the patients of epilepsy.


  1. Education-The Educational Pluralism
  2. Social Exclusion-Minority Communities in Pakistan
  3. Community Health
  4. Social Work and Volunteerism
  5. Gender issues
  6. Social sciences and ICT

Taskeen Mansoor

Research Officer

“Health belief model of patient and caregiver for Breast Cancer”

The anthropological qualitative research study is designed to understand the pathway to care, issues of femininity and the stigma attached to breast cancer, to improve quality of health care.


  1. Medical Anthropology(Breast Cancer, Mental Health, Pathway to care, Doctor Patient Interaction)
  1. Gendered health and Community Development
  2. Disaster Management
  3. Media and Health
  4. Social Entrepreneurship

Anum Farooq

Research Officer

“Early Diagnosis of Autism and Impact on Prognosis”


This cross-sectional research study is designed to study the determinants (such as early diagnosis and interventions) which have a constructive effect on the prognosis of Autism. Subsequently to study those factors which may compromise

early detection, diagnosis and timely referral for interventions.

  1. Mental Health Illnesses
  2. Community Mental Health
  3. Childhood Trauma
  4. Emotional Problems (Alexithymia)
  5. Discrimination and Stigma
  6. Therapy (Behavior Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis and Cognitive Behavior Therapy)

Shavana Bangash

Research Assistant

“Study of Social and Cultural Life of Epileptic Patients- A perspective from Pakistan”


Co-PI in Project on Epilepsy

  1. Mental Health Disorders
  2. Medical Anthropology (Alternate health care system)
  3. Organizational Behavior/ Event management.
  4. Creative arts
  5. Public Health and community medicine