Message from Director ORIC (NUMS)

Research is the primary function of the medical university towards creation of new knowledge, discovery of new drugs, clinical trial, improvement in diagnostics, innovation in techniques and instrumentation all over the world. The office of research, innovation and commercialism (ORIC) has been established in National University of Medical Sciences( NUMS) to develop a dynamic and internationally competitive research in medical science to improve the health care system in Pakistan.

At NUMS we strive to give every faculty member/student the tools necessary to be an informed global citizen. Situated adjacent to the capital of country, we strive to take advantage of our opportunities to infuse global health issues and concerns into our research curriculum and give every researcher the opportunity to bring out his/her expertise towards issue solving. We aim to move the medical sciences from thinking about the greatest problems affecting human societies to understanding and problem solving strategy. After thousands of years of trial and error, medical scientists in this generation have finally figured out how to amass enough information about the people health, disease progression, and treatment efficacy to save a valuable life. We study to invent the methods, theories, and technologies necessary to make these data actionable.

The department of ORIC at NUMS is committed to keep strong vigil on its researcher performance and scientific interpretation of obtained result along with its publication. We have achieved this by incorporating modern standards of research and its promotion in basic and applied medical sciences along with implementing guidelines of PMDC and HEC. Together as a team we are working to develop a habit of lifelong respecting and improved medical skills in our faculty and students.

As you explore our site you will find information on NUMS faculty led research programs and collaborative opportunities with other institutions. The ORIC will provide operational support to the University’s research activities/program, and will have a central role in facilitating the University’s research outcomes by faculty members and postgraduate students in the field of medical research for promotion of health care system in Pakistan.

I invite you to contact us or visit our office for more information. We can help you decide which research field is best for you and how to make it fruitful. I look forward to seeing you. 

Dr. Dilshad Ahmed Khan
Director of ORIC,NUMS.