Twin cities declamation championship

A Twin Cities Declamation Championship was held on 6th April,2017 at Rawalpindi Medical College. Enthusiastic AM College debaters took active part in it.
Delegation from AM College comprised of:

•Ali Hamza awan- Qasim coy for Urdu serious
•Armaghan Rauf-Ayub coy. Urdu serious
•M.Soban -Qasim coy. English serious
• Ehrar ullah - Razi coy. English serious

Our cadets secured top two position in English serious catagory with M.Soban and Ehrar ullah clinching first and second positions respectively.

In Urdu serious catagory Armaghan from Ayub Company received 3rd position. However, because of the overall best average in all catagories, AM College was declared as "Best College" and was awarded the overall championship shield among fourteen colleges/universities that participated in the event.

Another proud with for NUMS-AM College!