Haftrang Forum

NUMS believes in “wholesome” human development. While the hallmark of the University would continue to be excellence in academia and research, other human faculties would not be ignored that contribute to such a wholesome development like literature, fine arts, philosophy, history, music and so on. To serve that objective a monthly evening of many shades called “Haft Rang” (Persian-means Seven Shades like rainbow) was proposed to be held at NUMS. Speakers and presenters would be invited from different walks of life for intellectual enrichment and healthy entertainment.

The Opening Event of this forum was “An Evening with Rumi” the 13th century mystic poet of the illustrious Muslim heritage. Dr. Aziz Ali Najam, Provost Strategic Planning and Development at National University of Medical Sciences had the honor to illuminate this evening with Rumi’s words and philosophy.The event was held on Thursday, 23 February, 2017, at Ayub Auditorium, Army Medical College, Rawalpindi. A cross section of guests from civil society was invited including staff and faculty of NUMS and Army Medical College with a significant presence of students.