Corruption Awareness Week: Ethics and Professionalism at Workplace

Corruption - the termite of the society and one of the most prevalent forms of dishonest or unethical conduct by persons entrusted with a position of authority at workplace. It ranges from small favors to corruption that affects the government on a large scale and contributes to governmental instability. In order to highlight the predominant issue along with its distorting and perverting effects, Corruption Awareness Week was celebrated throughout the world from 4-12th December 2017.

The Behavioral Sciences Team held a talk on “Ethics and Professionalism at Workplace” on Tuesday, 12th December 2017 at Professional Development Centre (PDC), NUMS, with an aim to promote awareness amongst the employees of NUMS about corruption, in conformity with Higher Education Commission directive to universities.

Professor Dr Khaja H Mujtaba Quadri was the speaker for the session and is currently the Dean, Research and Academic Development, and Professor of Medicine at NUMS.

The session started with a role play on ethical and unethical codes of conduct at workplace that enthralled and mesmerized the audience, while different statures of employees were also presented. The speaker then shared the current situation of corruption at workplace with different supporting scenarios and explained each individual’s role in bringing about the change. The presentation covered diverse aspects of ethics and professionalism, ranging from workplace to day-to-day activities. 

During the placard activity, the participants were asked to identify the various unethical behaviors at workplace. Pro VC NUMS, Maj Gen Muhammad Aslam (Retd) TI(M), in his concluding remarks talked about transparency and honesty in profession, and moral values to be adopted for best ethical practices at workplace. He further added that could there be any unethical practices which are not considered corrupt.  The session ended with fruitful discussion along with a long-term vision to mitigate corruption.