AMC Debates and Literary Society (ADLS) arranged Inter-Company Parliamentary Debates Competition on 21st March 2017. A parliamentary debate is a format of public speaking encouraging logical thinking and rational approach to multi-faceted problems in the world. This year’s topic was “This house believes in globalisation instead of nationalism”. The chief guest for the event was Maj Gen Saleem Ahmed Khan, Principal AMC while the judges’ panel consisted of Maj Shamaila Mohsin, Ma’am Saima Talat and Ma’am Noreen Mirza. The adjudicators for the event were Presidents ADLS, Nimra Klair and Desaar Zehra.

Two houses were established; one in favour of the statement whereas the other opposing it. The participants put up a great argument, exploring from

all aspects, the benefits as well as deleterious effects of technology on the society and in the office space.

 After a rigorous debate, from the proposition, third position was given to Sheheryar Zameer of Sina company, second position was awarded to Hareem Azhar of Ayesha Company and First position was awarded to Fahd Farooq Ashraf of Razi company. From the Opposition House, third position was awarded to Faisal Asif of Razi Company, second position was awarded to Muhammad Sherdil of Sina company, while first position was shared between Nimra Ahmed of Ayesha Company and Rusab Alam of Qasim Company.

The best speaker award was also awarded to Ayesha Company’s Nimra Ahmed and Qasim company’s Rusab Alam. The runner-up company was Qasim Company while this year’s parliamentary debates champions were Ayesha Company.

 Principal AMC appreciated the efforts of ADLS inculcating the spirit of critical thinking in the students and commended the speakers on their fluent speeches.

Such events not only prove to be highly educational but also motivate students to read and learn more about the world.