Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FOSSAH)

"The prevalence and severity of microbial diseases are conditioned more by the ways of life of the persons afflicted than by the virulence and other properties of the etiological agents. Hence the need to learn more of man and his societies in order to try to make sense of the patterns of his diseases.” (Rene Dubos 1965)

“In reality, if medicine is the science of the healthy as well as of the ill human being (which is what it ought to be), what other science is better suited to propose laws as the basis of the social structure, in order to make effective those which are inherent in man himself? ... Medicine is a social Science in its bone and marrow.” (Rudolph Virchow 1849)

Following NUMS motto of “understanding and improving life”, FOSSAH envisions a holistic exploration of health related issues using analytical lens offered by key social sciences disciplines like Anthropology, Psychology, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Geography, Linguistics, Economics and Logic.
  • To develop interdisciplinary exchange of evidence based perspectives focused on health at national, regional and global level.
  • To provide quality education in different disciplines of social sciences and humanities.
  • To develop insight, concepts and techniques that will enable social sciences students to respond optimally to the health needs and expectations of society.
What is unique about FOSSAH?
It is the first ever faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in Pakistan that aims to provide high quality education and research in the field of health.